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Parvana COVID-19 Response

These are unique and worrying times. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone including our employees, customers, candidates, vendors and the community as a whole. Parvana has implemented a number of changes to ensure the safety of employees and the continuation of our service as normal to our customers and candidates. Business Continuity 1. All of our many business applications are cloud-based. We have tested and updated each and every employee's home infrastructure to ensure that they are able to perform all their tasks from home where and when it is needed. 2. Consequently, we are able to serve our customers as normal. All channels of communication will operate as per usual. Employee, Customer and Vendor Safety  It is vital that we take care of our people, be they employees, vendors, customers and the communities we all live and work in. 1. We’ve taken actions to reduce the need for people to come into the offices. 2. Where trips to the office are needed, we are ensuring each visitor apply hand sanitiser before entering the building. 3. We are sanitising all common surfaces that people touch on a continuing basis. 4. We are stopping all flights and conducting business meetings virtually. Community Outreach We live in a developing country and the majority of the population are going to be more radically affected by the pandemic. We have to do our bit to help the community around us. Consequently, we will be donating to community projects, the first of which will be an initiative to get hand-sanitiser to townships and informal settlements close to us. A Closing Thought Our thoughts are with those affected by the virus, especially those who are sick. We wish them a speedy recovery. We thank and support all those trying to keep us safe, including healthcare workers and anyone caring for people around the world. Should you wish to ask any questions please email us.

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