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Avoid common job interview mistakes

The job interview is stressful enough without making it more difficult for yourself. Businesstech describes a few of the big mistakes :

Clean up your online presence

Context is everything. Your public feed on Facebook and Twitter may convey the wrong impression. We once had a good candidate who got regretted because he shared one line of a rap song lyrics on Twitter that portrayed violence against women. Most recruiters would not realise they were lyrics, but even if they did, a negative impression could be formed.

Stand out but not that way

Your CV and Linkedin profile needs to be professional and it needs to meet employer expectations. Jokes, comic strips and unusual slogans can create the wrong impression. It isn't worth risking it.


Make sure your CV, Linkedin profile & any other online employment record shows same job titles, dates etc. Inconsistencies raise concerns and doubts that could hurt you.

CV format

CV formats change from region to region. SA hiring managers like more information than the UK and the USA desires even less. Use a professional organisation like Parvana to help you define what is important to convey in each region.

Gaps in that CV

A recruiter will always spot a substantial gap between jobs and there is a decent chance they will assume something worse than the truth. Explain what you were doing be it travel, sabbatical, studying or looking after a sick family member etc.; all examples that are respected reasons for not being actively employed.

If you need any help please don't hesitate to email me.

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