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Our Supplier Code of Conduct

Parvana treats all our suppliers ethically as trusted partners. We can't serve our customers without your help, and we hope you will profit from your association with us. Small businesses, in particular, deserve ethical and fair treatment, and in this spirit we make the below pledge.

Our Pledge to our Partners

  1. We have signed the Prompt Payment Code as put forward by the NSBC

  2. We will pay on receipt of a valid invoice  

    • small businesses within 3 business days  

    • medium sized businesses within 21 days  

    • or earlier if the terms prescribe

  3. We will raise issues on invoices within 3 days of receipt.

  4. The definition of small and medium businesses can be found here

  5. We further urge our partners and customers to sign the pledge.

In order to keep our pledge we need

  1. A valid tax invoice emailed to

  2. If you are VAT registered, your invoice needs to comply with SARS Guidelines

  3. Please make sure the company details are correct

Parvana Strategic Sourcing

40 Upper Torquay Avenue



Our VAT Number : 4620233207

Don't forget your VAT Number!

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