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Amazon Go Grocery - Next Steps

In light of all the negativity and panic surrounding the Coronavirus, I thought we would look into the Amazon Go grocery stores.

The first Amazon Go stores were small and experimental. A couple of weeks ago Amazon launched a flagship store in Seattle. The concept seems simple. You walk into the store and check in via the Amazon Go app using a QR Code. Many cameras will watch your every movement detecting when you pick up or replace an item. You then fill up your bag with goodies and you leave. A little later Amazon will email you the invoice and debit your credit card. You get a chance to query any line item that you believe you did not take (Arstechnica). The writer of the aforementioned article did his best to trick the system and managed to pilfer a banana.

What about staff? The store may be cashier-less but there are plenty of assistants stocking shelves plus assistants helping customers. I can't help but wonder if this is solving a problem that doesn't exist but I suppose no-one knows where this tech will go and perhaps it will benefit us a lot in the future.

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