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COVID-19 Measures - What about Job Hunting?

On Sunday night, President Rhamaposa announced (Govt) measures to curb the Coronavirus outbreak.

In short (DM):

1. Travel to South Africa is banned from high-risk countries for non-SA people

2. Travel by South Africans is discouraged.

3. South Africans returning from high-risk countries are subject to testing and possible quarantine.

4. Schools are closed till after the Easter weekend

5. Social distancing is encouraged. Large meetings of more than 100 people are prohibited

6. Work from home is not specifically recommended but many companies are doing this.

How might COVID-19 affect the career market?

We don't, at this point see a major impact, to the tech job market. Almost all our clients are in urgent need of staff, so in short, it is business as usual. Our office was quiet on Monday but today we are as busy as ever. Our clients need skilled people. The crisis may cause changes in the recruitment process. There may be more Skype/Zoom interviews. The process may be a bit stretched but hiring will still happen. Therefore, if you are looking for new opportunities, we would not advise you shelve it during the outbreak.

If you have any career questions don't hesitate to email us.

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