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Interviews - An insider tip

Employers like skilled, curious, problem-solving, confident candidates that can communicate well and get on with their teammates. Almost all teams are Agile now-a-days so being a team player is essential. 75% of all offers currently go to the right personality fit. Only 25 % will go to the exact technical fit. 

Being confident is a good thing, however it is a thin line to cross until you are perceived as arrogant.  Google and Amazon have said they use a question similar to "how do you rate your knowledge" - anyone who rates their knowledge as 9 or 10 out of 10 is rejected.  Given the vastness of the industry and constant rate of change, they feel it is impossible to know it all and prefer to hire those that recognise that there is always something to learn. More on that can be found at here.

Our advise to you is to accompany Confidence with Humility... and a dash of humour is always welcome.

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