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Cloud Opportunities - AWS, Azure, Oracle and Google

When an IT skilled person asks what tech skills should they need to prepare them for the next wave, we always say Cloud skills.

Cloud Transformation not far along

Our advise was probably a bit ahead of the game, because the transformation to the cloud is not close to being done. McKinsey and Company show that most companies are only 20% of the way into their cloud journeys. That means that 80% of their workload is still on-premises. Why is this?

1. Unique workload needs - Issues relating to security and compliance make it difficult.

2. Multiple cloud vendors - Despite the AWS lead, we live in a multi-cloud world

3. Lack of skills - This is why we advise people to update their skills.

4. Incomplete migration hampers all migration - Being forced to keep one foot in the Cloud and one foot on-premises increases costs and reluctance.

5. Enterprises won't choose to migrate if it threatens performance, which explains why the mission critical applications often remain on-premises.

Cloud Transformation is Accelerating

Forbes published a prediction by Oracle that 80% of Enterprise IT will move to the Cloud by 2025. Second generation cloud architectures aim to deliver computing power, reliability and security that will run the most mission-critical applications.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will further drive the movement to the cloud. More and more cloud applications are incorporating AI further distancing them from legacy applications. The AI will vastly increase our productivity thus encouraging the move. As the depth and volume of data grows, AI will make more decisions. Oracle predict that 85% of customer interactions will be automated.

Of course, as the transformation accelerates, so will the number of security events and automation will need to deal with them.

We Need the Skills

To achieve the migration to the cloud we need skills... lots of them. Oracle predict a ten-fold increase in developers and a four-fold increase in productivity. Developers will access a virtual

world of coding components spanning the whole development lifecycle.

In the meantime we need those skills. In particular, if you know AWS Developer tools (or Azure, Oracle and Google) please email us. We would love to help you. Alternatively, refer a friend. We pay referral bounties.

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