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Overseas Tech Opportunities

There is a shortage of skilled tech workers globally especially for developers, architects and analysts. This phenomenon, coupled with South Africa's business confidence, lower growth and weak exchange rate, has resulted in higher than normal tech immigration. We all know someone that has moved and we know even more that are thinking about it.

The jobs we hear about the most are the English-speaking countries namely the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, however there are plenty of tech jobs in Europe, some of with preference given to Afrikaans speakers.

The Parvana Overseas Initiative

Parvana launched its European business based in the UK back in 2006. European work permits were difficult to obtain but thanks to the tech skills shortage it has gotten easier.

Parvana has partnered with a Belgian company to help facilitate to the work permits and relocation. We are looking for top-end skills to spend a contract in either Belgium or the Netherlands.

What skills are we looking for?

1. IT consultants with a minimum of 8 to 10 years experience

2. Skills desired (but not limited to):

a) Project managers

b) Business analysts

c) Enterprise and Solution Architects (enterprise architects, solution architects)

d) Scrum Masters

e) Senior Java developers

3. English language is a must but Afrikaans is an added advantage

4. Contract terms will be initially 6 months to a year but if it goes well, longer or permanent moves are possible.

If you have these skills (or know a friend or does) and desire a stint overseas please drop us an email. If you need to chat about your career please mail us.

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