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The Global Skills Gap

There is an undeniable tech skills gap all around the world. In South Africa the banks are fighting over scarce tech skills required to help them with their digital migration efforts. This gap is severely hamstringing businesses (Techcentral)

What is causing the local skills gap?

- Global opportunities - The global demand has climbed and countries cannot fulfil their demand internally. Many countries have relaxed visa and work permit requirements and are aggressively hiring in our market

- Local confidence and uncertainty - Despite buoyant local demand, lack of confidence has increased the incidence of immigration. Far more people are immigrating than those emigrating.

- Education - Simply put our institutions are not churning out enough skilled graduates

- Training - It is unclear whether business is doing enough to help close the gap

What can be done?

- Government’s role in providing educational resources and skills to its citizens is vital but this is a slow fix. Government could do more to incentivise companies to train people.

- Companies need to stop waiting for Governments to Close the Skills Gap (HBR).

- Individuals can help by constantly updating their skills even if companies won't pay for it. The ROI on skills acquired is easy to justify

In the meantime, if you have scarce skills, tech workers should take advantage.

If you have any career questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

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