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What to do if you keep hearing ‘no’?

Hunting for a new job can be a very stressful time. It is disheartening whether you hear nothing or are rejected for no stated reason. However, if you keep doing exactly the same thing over and over again, it is possible that things won’t change. So what can you do to improve your chances going forward?

Don’t give up

If you are currently employed then you probably have time to sharpen your focus and approach. If you are out of work then finding a new job is a job. It is an 8 hour a day commitment so best to get up as if you were going to work, spend the morning sending your CV out and the afternoon following up while researching what is out there. You also need to hone your CV (if you are senior, you probably need a separate CV for most jobs as it is difficult to reflect what is relevant to each hiring company).

Improve your CV

If you are using a good agent, they should be helping you improve your CV in accordance with what their clients are looking for. Neither you nor an agent can ever lie on a CV, however highlighting what experience is of interest to that employer is vital.

Probably the most common CV mistake is when applicants cut and paste their current job description into their CV. The job description is usually long-winded, boring and often not suited to the spec you are applying for. Instead, try use metrics where possible - what did you achieve, how many did you mentor/ any leadership roles, project size, deliverables achieved, cost savings, profit contribution etc. all help reflect you as a commercially savvy person that can offer a proven contribution. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, poor layout and irrelevant content are instant “regrets” for many employers. We take pride in working with you and your CV as a collaborative process to best reflect your achievements, academics and contributions. You will always be given a copy of the final product - we do this so you can check it is correct and also so that you can reflect, apply your mind and make additions with the ultimate goal being the best end product and the gateway document to your ideal job.

Watch out for Corporate Applicant Tracking Systems

Larger companies often use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Whilst there are positives to ATS’s it does dehumanise and automate the process, often for the worse. Candidates often go through pages of questions capturing data that is already in their CV. This is frustrating especially if you never hear anything constructive back. Using a good employment agency like Parvana does make this part of the process painless for you.

Consider broadening your search

The IT world has changed substantially in the last decade or so. The job you do today may have been repackaged, renamed or split up amongst others. The term ‘manager’ is much less prevalent than it was before, so confining your search to such jobs could be a mistake.

Furthermore, there may be new jobs out there that didn’t even exist when you started work. You may have the needed base skills and they may be exciting and better paid in the longer run.

We would be happy to counsel anyone that feels they need a career change. Please don’t hesitate to email or call us.

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